Saturday, January 13, 2007

Moevember the Photos

Well I can't say anything really it is a joke that it has been so long between updates. But here are the photos for Movember. I have to say thank you to everyone that sponsored me I rasied $175 (Aus) thank you so much.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Well as most of you will now know I'm participating in Movember which is a fundraiser for men's health. We have convinced about 10 guys in the hostel to do it as well. Some of which haven't shaved in years so to see them clean cut all on the same day was very funny.

I'll post up a picture or two once I get a chance but basically you need to shave on the first of November and then grow and maintain a moe for all of Novemeber. Not to hard I guess but it is giving us something to do.

Here is the link to the official site if any of you feel like sponsoring me., enter my Rego number which is 33671 and your credit card details

More posts to follow.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jess and Stew

I left Mickey in Budapest to go and meet Jess and Stew in Croatia.

I was ment to meet them in Split on Tuesday but due to my random travel planning technique (ie not realising what day it was) I found myself in Slpit on Monday. That is cool, I'll just cruise around Split and see some stuff before they get here.

So I get a room in the old quater from a very nice old lady who through herself at me at the train station, before I had even stepped of the train. The place was clean and it was only me in it which was nice after months of dorm rooms. Anyway first thing first off to find some food and a beer.

Out the door, down the street. Turn right up towards the closest shops. Then I hear it. Screaming. I'm thinking this is bad, what is going on. But it was ok. It was just the Parsonators (aka Jess and Stew) sitting down at a cafe less than a block from where I was staying. It turns out they came to Split early, hadn't got any of my text messages and had managed to pick a place just 2 blocks from where I was staying.

It truley is a small world after all.